St. Mark’s Church

The landmark first Anglican church of Seberang Prai

St. Mark's Church

When originally consecrated in January 1885 as a small wooden church near the police headquarters in Jalan Bagan Luar, the modest St. Mark’s emerged as the first Anglican church in Province Wellesley.

In 1929 it was moved to its present site whose road was later named after the church in recognition of its legacy and contribution. The new brick church building managed to escape damage and looting during the Second World War and exists till today.

Also still in place is a magnificent 120-year old stain glass window which looms as an inspiring backdrop behind the altar. The church underwent a restoration in 2015 funded by a Think City grant.

St. Mark's Church

Among the major events held here is the St. Mark’s Feast which is celebrated on April 25. A religious procession on foot is also organised in conjunction with Palm Sunday, a week before Easter, every year.

English service commences every Sunday at 8:30am while Tamil service is at  11:00am. Visiting the church on any other day is possible by appointment.